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Chris Agena, Lead Carpenter

Chris Headshot_edited.jpg



Well before his professional career began, Chris was learning carpentry skills. He went to job sites from a young age alongside his father, who has been a carpenter his entire life. He was given small tasks - cleaning, prepping material, and eventually learned how to put a sunroom together. At age 21, Chris joined his father full-time and has been a professional carpenter for 17 years.

Once he was a full-time carpenter, Chris's day-to-day role was to run jobs from start to finish. This included anything from laying out foundations, assembling sunrooms or additions, rough and finish carpentry, to handing over keys at the end of a job. He has a passion for building things and enjoys any project that he is given an opportunity to work on.

When he is not working, you can find Chris traveling the country racing go-karts, spending time with his wife, and honing his cooking and baking skills.

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