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Scott Krenz

Lead Carpenter

Scott’s journey into construction began as an apprentice working for talented mentors in many facets ofconstruction.  At the early age of 16 he decided carpentry was his passion.  


Scott has always been quick to learn new skills and techniques in carpentry.  At 21 Scott joined a stair company out of Northern Illinois working on high-end projects all over the Chicagoland market, where attention to detail was essential. These projects morphed into architectural millwork designs working with domestic and exotic woods.  He later joined a custom cabinetry and butcher block countertop company out of Northern Illinois where he continued to refine his carpentry skillset and working with various wood species.  Working there he trulyfound a passion working with different wood types and eventually began creating exotic and custom furniture, from bed frames to dining room tables.  


In 2014 he won a Best in Show award at the Wood Workings Show for his hand carved drip table made of Burl Black Walnut and Shanghai Bamboo with Purple Heartwood accents.  Scott never stops learning and after working in the cabinet and countertop market, he took his learned skills to, Cardinal High End Construction, a high-end residential construction company focusing on remodel projects all over Northshore Illinois, Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin.   

Using the knowledge gained from working with various woods, his love for the outdoors, and his entrepreneurial spirit, he created resort style pools with pavilions, pergolas, and custom privacy panels.  He became a subject matter expert in deck materials and construction to build and design projects along theshores of Lake Michigan.  One creative project consisted of a residential trolley car used to transport the homeowners and guests from a very steep grade to the beachfront along Lake Michigan.  

Scott also has a passion for animals, so much so, he designs and builds custom pet furniture for animals and was featured in Wired magazine for an e-commerce business where he sells these custom pieces.  Scott loves spending time with his family camping, grilling, and finding a great spot to paddle board with his wife.  Scott has his 107 commercial pilots license which allows him to fly drones legally within FAA guidelines.  He is also a foodie and cannot pass ordering from a food truck when one is present.

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