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Flatwater Homes focuses on the basics.  Safety, Quality, and Process.  


World class champions focus on the process to win, not the medal. We show up every day with a dedication to work for you. Every project is unique, just like every homeowner.  By focusing on the basics, together we build amazing projects and overcome obstacles together.  We partner directly with you and the other project professionals, architects, designers, engineers, and local municipalities to deliver your project.  These partnerships have inherent conflict but are key to a successful project.

Every project is unique and designed for you.  The one common element is our dedicated focus on the basics.


We are an open book builder. We provide unmatched quality at a fair price. 


100% of all costs, fees and our books are always available for audit, so you know exactly what you are paying for and why. By focusing on the basics and with continual communication with you and your project team, we minimize and deal with inevitable surprises which arise with construction.


Once we build a budget and schedule for your project; the process is our road map and we leverage data along with consistent communication to deliver your project on time, within budget and no surprises.

transparent budget.jpeg

Flatwater Homes is 100% accountable for your project.


Unlike most general contractors who show up just for the monthly meetings; we are onsite, and we present. We are accountable for the entire project. At Flatwater Homes we work directly with you, your architect and/or designer(s) every step of the way. With an open dialogue and communication, this is where ideation, value engineering, feasibility,
construction, and ongoing maintenance of your project are planned and
solved for.

We begin with a conceptual estimate, then a detailed budget, and a schedule
using modern web-based project management processes & tools to ensure everyone working on your project is on the same page from start to finish. We take ownership of the process, the subcontractors, and all scheduling, soyou can focus on the things which are important to you.


Building an exceptional home requires respect for all. 


A cornerstone of a great project is building off the experience of others. Our process is to make sure our job sites are safe, clean, and are mindful of our surroundings; this includes your neighbors and equally as important our environment.   


Construction professionals have a poor reputation in our society, and though some of this is well-deserved, our philosophy and processes are designed to change this perception. Not only do we have a comprehensive background checking process in place, great insurance, and other safeguards; we only partner with others who believe in the basics and who are passionate about their craft.


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