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Wulf Joerck


Wulf Joerck is a Carpenter for Flatwater Homes. He is a visiting journeyman from overseas who came to the United States with a scholarship from the German Bundestag.

Wulf has over five years of experience in construction. After completing his carpentry apprenticeship in 2022, he was awarded the SBB Weiterbildungsstipendium, a tuition grant for his apprenticeship performance and his career goals in the skilled trades.  His ambition is to work in a leadership role in construction and eventually run his own small carpentry company.

Wulf is a valuable member of the team and uses his disciplined attitude to encourage others to workhard, get work done efficiently, while maintaining a high-level of quality and in a safe work environment.  In his free time, he likes to exercise in the gym and reads continually to better himself personally andprofessionally.  Wulf looks forward to sharing his fascination of residential home building with the Flatwater team and bringing his dedication to excellence to the Flatwater homes he works on.

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